The welterweights


We are the welterweights


The Welterweights are a rock and roll band from Vermont. The union of singer songwriters Kelly Ravin and Lowell Thompson proves the whole is greater than the sum of it's parts. With the addition of Willoughby Morse on drums and songwriter Erin Cassels-Brown on bass, this band parties.



the welterweights gigs

4/28 Foam brewers burlington vt 6-7

5/6 Waking windows winooski vt main stage 4-5

5/16 pianos manhattan 8-9

5/17 Fete music hall Providence RI 8-10

5/18 Strange brews norwich ct 9-11

5/19 the brickhouse dover nh 9-11

5/20 the empire portland me 9-10

7/15 parker pie west glover vt 8-10

7/29 unity raceway unity me

8/19 cider stock middlebury vt

8/19 auggiefest somewhere in vt

9/9 oxbo fest morrisville vt

9/17 grand points north burlington vt